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Our documents

Here you can download our actual documents, as EC declarations, catalogues, price lists, approval etc... easy and comfortable. We try to optimize the file size to ensure a quick download

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PDF Files

Our documents are available as PDF files. By this we are able to serve all platforms independent from the operation system. Please pay attention that all these files are under the copyright of QUINTEX GmbH and shall not be changed.

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Your downloads (opens on click with your cursor)

EU declarations (accord. to 2014/34/EU)

Ex Material

Line bushings LB
→     →    

Empty GRP (glasfibre reinforced polyester) enclosures
→    →    
Empty metal enclosures
→    →    
Terminal boxes 
  →    →    
Local control station / panels 
  →    →    
Ex e control stations 
  →    →    
Ex d signal tower  
→    →    
Ex d control boxes (as series)  
  →    →    
Overpressure Standard System 2.0 (SPZ) 
  →    →    

Trace heating

Selflimiting heating tapes

ILLw (up to 85°C)   
  →    →    

ILL..S (up to 85°C; special voltages)   
  →    →    
ILMw (up to100°C)   
  →    →    
ILH(up to 225°C)   
  →    →    
ILS(up to 250°C)   
  →    →    

Heating tapes constant wattage (zone heaters)

IPH(up to 200°C)   
  →    →    

IPS(up to 425°C)   
  →    →    

Heating cable serial

ISK(PTFE heating cable up to 260°C)   
  →    →    

ISM(mineral insulated heating cable up to 650°C)   
  →    →    

Controller /limiter

IRM2Ex( Minithermostat)   
  →    →    

IRM..Exd (capillary thermostat in Ex d enclosure)   
  →    →    
IR2M... IB2M( controller/limiter in Ex e enclosure) 
  →    →    
IRE168DS Ex i( Ex i controller)   
  →    →    
IRE33( Ex i controller/limiter)
  →    →    
IRPT100Ex3CF( PT100 Ex e, 220°C )   
  →    →    

IRPT100Ex3( PT100 Ex e, 550°C )   
  →    →    

Connection sets
IAL8Ex/IAK8 (connection set with terminal block; 'cold connector, shrinkless')   
  →    →    

IAL4 /IAP4 (silicone connection set for enclosure entry)   
  →    →    
IAL3MQ (shrinking connection system set, 85°C)g;C)   
  →    →    
IAL3MK (shrinking set with terminal block, 85°C)g;C)   
  →    →    
IAL3HQ (shrinking technology up to 180°C)   
  →    →    

IAKKE1-Ex (cold leads for ISK heating cable)   
  →    →    


Line bushings
IECEx certificate of line bushing
ATEX certificate of line bushing
Certificate of line bushings for Canda, USA 
Certificate line bushings US AEx (Class I, Zone 1)   

Certificate line bushings US UL(Class I, DIV 1)   


Certificate of minithermostats IRM2Ex 16A   
          (all heating products)

Empty enclosures
ATEX certificate of polyester enclsoure (GRP) (empty, U-approval)

            (NEMA 4 X)
ATEX certificate stainless steel enclosures (empty, U-approval)

Terminal boxes
Certificate of terminal boxes (ATEX,  IECEx)
→      (ATEX)→  

Local control functions
Certificate of local control functions for local control stations (ATEX)
Certificate of local control functions for local control stations (IECEx)


Quality system

Quality certificate (ISO 9001:2015)
Certificate of production(DIR 2014/34/EU)
Certificate of production (IECEx)

Operation / Installation manuals

Operation manuals

Line bushings
   →     →   

Empty enclosure GRP (glasfibre reinforced polyester)
   →     →  
Empty enclosure stainless steel
  →     →   
Local control functions
   →     →   
Ex e  terminal boxes
   →     →   

Ex e  control boxes
   →     →  
Ex d  control stations
Ex d signal tower
   →     →   
Ex d emergency light/escape light
   →     →   
Ex d Wifi Accesspoint
   →     →   
Ex d  capillary thermostat IRM..Exd
   →     →   

Ex capillary thermostat IR2M IB2M IRB2M (in Ex e enclosure)
   →     →   

Ex i controller IRE168DS Ex i
   →     →   
Ex minithermostat IRM2Ex
   →     →   

Ex connection set IAL8Ex/heating circuit QE
   →     →   

Ex heating circuit QM/QH with shrink connection set IAL3Ex
   →     →   

Installation manuals

IAL1 Ex connection set heating tape for direct entry and junction boxes
IAL3 Shrinking connection set heating tapes  Ex 85°C

IAL3 Shrinking connection set heating tapes Ex 180°C
IAL4 Ex connection technology silicone heating tapes  
IAL5 Non Ex heating tape Quincon connection sets

IAL8 heating tapes Ex-quick-connector with terminals

Pond temperature controller CRE16DS, Programming Programming manual(very detailed) for (pond)-controller

Pond set with controller manual, data sheetincl. short description for pond set (easy to understand)

IAK shrinking connection set for fluorpolymer heating cable CSK

Questionaires, Configuration forms, Test reports (electronically fillable)

Questionaires/ Configuration forms (all electronically fillable and send by email)

Questionaire trace heating of pipes
Questionaire trace heating of tanks and vessels

Configuration form for line bushings

Configuration form for maintain an exfree zone (overpressure without flushing )

Configuration form for customized polyester terminal boxes/ junction boxes
Configuration form for customized stainless steel terminal boxes/ junction boxes


Configuration form for standardized local control stations (1 to 3 functions)

Configuration form for customized signal tower

test report for industrial heating circuits

Data sheets Ex material (line bushings, terminal boxes, overpressure system etc..)

Line bushings

Line bushings LB screwable and pluggable, LBU blind plug

LBCON, Line bushings with connection to an Ex e terminal block in a sleeve

Terminal boxes with terminal tables

Ex e GRP (glasfibre reinforced polyester) boxes with terminal tables

Ex e stainless steel terminal boxes with terminal tables

Local control functions/Signalling/WLAN 

Local control functions
Wlan Access Point in Ex d
LED signal tower

Overpressure system 2.0

Quinguard overpressure controller
Standardized overpressure system SPZ
Industrial PC build up with overpressure system 2.0 2.0
Industrial-Touch build up with overpressure system 2.0


Data sheets trace heating -> heating tapes

selflimiting heating tapes

ILLw heating tape for lower operation temperatures(Frost protection) up to 85°C (85°C) wide 1,1 mm²

ILLS heating tape for special voltages 12V oder 24V; up to b 85°C switched on 1,1mm²

ILMw heating tape for medium operation temperatures up to  110°C (130°C)
ILH heating tape für high operation temperatures up to  200°C (225°C)
ILS heating tape for very high operation temperatures up to  200°C (250°C)

ILL... 2CTK plugable heating circuits with ILL and CLD (with or without thermostat)
CLD roof and gutter de-icing heating tape  36 W/M within ice-water 1,1mm²

Constant wattage parallel heating tapes (zone heater)
IPMM constant wattage heating tape  33W/m (200°C)

IPH constant wattage  heating tape  70W/m (285°C)

IPS constant wattage  heating tape  150W/m (425°C)


Data sheets trace heating -> connection set

Connection technologies for trace heating

IAL3ExMQSS Ex-connection set shrinking technology  up to 85°C
IAL3ExHQSS Ex-connection set shrinking technology  up to  180°C

IAL3SK1 Non-Ex-connection set shrinking technology


IAL4SS_BS Ex-connection set silicone technology for direct entries
IAL8EX Ex-connection set terminal technology for heating tapes
IAL5SS_BS Non Ex-connection set terminal technology for heating tapes 
IAK8EK Ex-connection set terminal technology for heating cable (ISK) Ex areas
IAKAT1 Non Ex-connection set terminal technology for heating cable

IAKKE1 Cold leads for fluorpolymer heating cable (industrial and commercial apllications)

Data sheets trace heating -> controller

IRM0040..0530b capillary thermostat 25 A switching capacity (0-40°C to 50-300°C)
IR2M0012..0530Ex capillary thermostat 16 A switching capacity(0-120°C to 50-300°C)

IB2M0020..0530Ex capillary limiter for heating cable, 16 A switching capacity (0-200°C to 50-300°C)
IRB2M0012..0530Ex capillary thermostat - limiter combination for heating cable, 16 A switching capacity(0-200°C to 50-300°C)

IRM…Exd capillary thermostat 25 A switching capacity(0-40°C to 50-320°C)
IRE168DS Ex i electronic controller with 16A and 8A relays (heating circuit, alarm)

IRE168DS electronic controller with 16A and 8A relays (heating circuit, alarm)

IRE8x electronic controller with 8 or 4 channels, 8 Zones, 3A output, PT100, cabinet build in
IR2PT100EX3CF PT100 ExCF PFA cable, 6mm sensor diameter, up to 200°C,1m, 5m,10m long

IRPT100EX3 PT100 Ex electronic controller 3mm diameter, up to 550°C,1m long  
IRPT100EX PT100 NON Ex for electronic controller 6mm diameter, up to 180°C,1m, 5m,10m long

3D drawing/files for your development (step files)

3D drawings line bushings     Download Step files

Screwable line bushings
Metric threads
M10     M12     M16    M20    M24    M25      M25 lang    M26    M30    M32    M32 lang    M33    M36    M38   M40    M42    
NPT threads:
1/2"      3/4"      1"      1 1/4
Pluggable line bushings
P10     P14     P16    P19    P22    P30      P32    P34    P36  

Two-path (pluggable within screwable thread) line bushings
M20-P14     M24-P19     M25-P19    M32-P22    M42-P36

Terms & conditions, catalogues, current price list, fax form, order form

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for business to business partner(B2B)
Terms and conditions for private customer (B2C)
Catalogues and current price lists

Catalogue trace heating industrial applications
Price list for trace heating catalogue industry
Catalogue trace heating commercial construction
Price list for trace heating catalogue commercial construction

Catalogue Ex material(terminal boxes/local control stations/line bushings)

Price list for Ex material catalogue

electronically fillable forms

electronically fillable ready to send fax or email forms
electronically fillable ready to send  inquiry/order form(fax,email )