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Signal tower
Signal tower

General information

The Ex approved emergency exit and emergency luminaires are equipped with modern, light-weight and maintenance-free LED technology. They are supplied with a rechargeable battery which is monitored, tested and carefully charged by the intelligent charging electronics. Further, a version without a battery, powered by a central emergency supply, is available. Areas of application are escape doors, emergency exits, emergency routes and all areas where light is still required after a power failure. The emergency lights are supplied with ready-to-connect cable routing and are therefore to be installed quickly. Up to two line bushings or cable glands are possible. Thus, several emergency lights can also be connected in parallel.

Technical data

  • Dimension:               430x174x210mm
  • Mounting :                 345mm / 2 x 10Ø
  • Ingress protetion:     IP66
  • Temperature range: -20°C…+40˚C
  • Voltage:                     230V/50Hz
  • Emergency exit
  • Recognition distance : 25m
  • Battery operation :    17mA/2W;4VA
  • Without battery :         7mA/0,7W;1,5VA
  • Emergency luminaire
  • Luminious flux:         440lm
  • Battery operation :    50mA/7W;13VA
  • Without battery :        65mA/7,5W;15VA