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Here you will find a selection of our videos for viewing or direct download. You can find even more videos (including 'how to' videos') on our YouTube channel Here is the link: Quintex GmbH Youtube Video channel     Link zu Video-Kanal

The videos can be viewed directly with any HTML5 web browser. No additional software is required.

VisuEx LED Matrix max. 192x32 pixel (Ex d)


The colors of the display are slightly falsified by the brightness of the LED matrix. All colors (65,000 shades) are depicted very strongly and also with nuances. The display can be adjusted and programmed either by us or by you.

LED Display without Ex d glas enclosure (automatic run/change):(etwas farbtreuer)

Change of display by switch(within the Ex area with an Ex ed switch)

Newest overpressure system approved in accordance to IECEx and ATEX


Our International Sales Manager, Reiner Friedrich, explains the system and the ease of use

Principal of the new overpressure system

'2-path' line bushing (pluggable within threaded)


Here you can see the principle and the application of a '2-path' line bushing, in which a plug-in sleeve (rotatable up to final assembly) is built into a threaded sleeve

The application can significantly simplify the installation with Ex d control box or station

Versatile connection technology LBCON


This connection technology enables a connection to the EX d enclosure in the smallest of spaces without opening the EX d enclosure itself. This connection technology is also available as a cable connection and heating tape connection technology.

Here as a compact connection technology

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