Excerpt from the quality manual

Responsibilites of top management

To meet entrepreneurial duty and to quarantee the quality of our products and services, with these quality standards, we define our quality policies. In the quality standards, we describe the quality system implemented at our company. With these standards, for the quality of all our products to meet not only our requirements but also those of our customers, management ensures that Quintex staff is committed to carrying out operations in accordance with the quality standards and processes described below. We are committed to continuous improvement of our quality system.

Quality policies

Stable quality of our products and services is a cornerstone of our successful business. Quality is meeting the requirements of our customers in the best way possible.
Quality is an important criterium in purchase decisions and represents a reliable and close tie to our customer. Operating in a quality conscious
way is using resources efficiently and carefully. Our staff is committed to eliminating circumstances preventing that our products are manufactured
with best quality. In the medium and long term, continuously improving quality is a prerequisite for reducing cost and protecting the environment.

To achieve these goals, smooth processes ensured by a clear organizational structure and state-of-the-art quality management techniques are essential pillars. Our awareness and comprehension of quality as well as the attitude of our staff towards quality are preconditions for fulfilling the wishes and meeting the requirements of our customers. In addition, they ensure the continuous success of our company.