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Signal tower
Signal tower

General information

The full plastic explosion proof LED light fittings are made of glass fibre reinforced Poly¬ester. The transparent lid is manufactured from UV-resistant polycarbonate. As an option the fittings are available with diffusor, which will spread the light uniformly.Using the emergency version, the LEDs will be continuously lighting after breakdown of power supply, with lower intensity, by integrated battery.The LED fittings with latest technology will give you extreme high luminosity at low power consumption and a maintenance free product.There are different mounting options available, like ceiling bracket, hung to the ceiling on chains, brackets with distance from the ceiling, wall mount or clamp-on.

Technical data

  • Nominal Voltage: 100..250VAC 50/60Hz
  • Terminals: L/N/PE je 2x1,5-10mm²
  • Cable glands: 1x M25x1,5 (8-17mm)
  • Stopping plugs: 2x M25x1,5
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Data without emergency function
  • Luminous flux 1x30W: 3396lm / w. Diff. 2923lm
  • Luminous flux 2x30W: 6836lm / w. Diff. 5868lm
  • Temperature range T5:-25..+40˚C / T4: -25..+55˚C
  • Data with emergency function
  • Luminous flux 1x30W: 2920lm / w. Diff. 2377lm
  • Luminous flux 2x30W: 5978lm / w. Diff. 4671lm
  • Emergency illum. time: >120min