Local control stations


General information

Enclosures made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester have been used a thousand times in even the harshest of environments as terminal boxes. Aggressive chemicals and / or mechanical stress can not damage these rugged enclosures. Silicone seals in the lid close cleanly and permanently without much deformation. By a carbonloaded surface with a low surface resistance is a static charge not possible. Our standard local control stations based on our polyester enclosure sizes. This ensures that  the mounting accessories of the polyester terminal boxes can be applied.

Technical data

Material:                              Polyester, glas fibre reinforced (GRP)
Dimension (mm)                    122 x 122 x 90 (1-and 2-modules)
                                              220 x 120 x 90 (3 modules)
                                              online calculation up to 12 modules (see button)
Zones:                                   1, 21, 2, 22
Group:                                   IIC   
Ingress protection:                 IP 65
Ambient temperature:           -55°C  up to  + 60°C
Temperature class:               T6 /T4
Terminals:                             0,5 - 2,5mm²
Switchung modules:              up to 250V / 16A
Signal modules:                    24 -240 V AC; 24 - 36 V DC