Line bushings

  • 270° rotatable elbow line bushing

  • 2 threads to connect to enclosures

  • 2-Path bushing with inner pluagable,rotatable line bushing

  • Line bushing for coaxial cable and twisted pair

  • International line bushing with strands

  • customer specified cable within a line bushing

  • Flex-pcb through a line bushing

  • ready to plug assembled line bushing

  • connection between Ex d and offset Ex e enclosure

  • Transition of cable to strands within a line bushing

Pictures of line bushing applications

Here are some types of line bushings which illustrates the variety of possible applications. All line bushings are manufactured by us and 100% individually tested.

If you want to know more about such applications, you are heartly invited to come to us or to contact us via our contact page

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