Function specification for your Ex local control panel

Here you can specify and calculate your local Ex e control panel. Select the type of module (switch, signal lamp, illuminated pushbutton module, etc.) and the associated functions and complete the information of the enclosure configuration.
 Here you will find the graphical design page for local control stations (click on picture)


For your specific application the needed number and position(s) of the function (s) is shown in the sketch according to your preselection. The position is initially selected by the selection 'Actual position to save'. After the required at this position basic function (switch module,sinal lamp, illuminated push button, potentiometer, switch module 4 pole, blank module) is selected, as well as to associated variants (if selectable). For each of these functions, a label text can be saved (label text). If the position is completely defined, one can save this function by button 'Save Position X as configured'. If the position must be changed again so it can be re-defined and stored each time. The previous definition will be overwritten. You can control the inputs by means of the selection boxes 'Saved function per position' and 'Saved label text per position'. Are all needed positions defined, the calculation will be called with 'Calculate/Order/Inquire'. For new entries under the same configuration, please be sure to first press Reset and then enter the new values

Daten input Functions

Saved function per position

Saved label text per position

Please choose the position number as per scetch.  
Then you specify the requested function and text for this position and save it.
For a 4-pole swichting module, please leave one neighborhood position blank
Symbols used for handle: -> = spring, ^-  = engage
Symbols use for contact arrangement: O = open, X= switched

Actual position to save

(please take care to save actual configuration with red button)

Label text

Data input enclosure

Glands bottom




Glands top




Qty Earth strap

Earth plate

Earth stud

Breather (M20)

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These ex e control panels are customized products and may not be returned or exchanged