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Standard Overpressure System

Non-Ex equipment can be safely operated in hazardous environments with the help of a certified overpressure control cabinet and the pressure monitoring system QSS. Overpressure prevents the ingress of explosive atmospheres.

  • The use of gas detectors eliminates the purging phase
  • ATEX and IECEx certified for special protection "sb"
  • All components mounted internally

Pressure Monitoring System QSS

In the new approach developed by Quintex, there is no pre-purging; instead, the cabinet is cleared using a gas detector. This ensures that no ignitable gas/air mixture is present inside the enclosure. This saves time and expensive purge air before commissioning the equipment.
  • Ready-to-connect wiring
  • Internal configuration by the customer, acceptance by QUINTEX
  • Non-approved HMI installations behind foil possible

Overpressure Controller QSU

The QUINGUARD® pressure monitor monitors the internal pressure and switches all electrical components on or off when 5 mbar is reached or undershot. An NO valve controlled via the valve module is used for leakage compensation.
  • Rated voltage: AC 230 Volt or DC 24 Volt
  • Ambient temperature -25°C…+60°C
  • ATEX and IECEx certified

Power Contactor SC

The power contactors of the SC series are used to switch on power in the Ex area. The power contactors are 3-pole or 4-pole, partly with auxiliary contact. Optional auxiliary contacts are also available.
  • Rated voltage: AC3 up to AC 690 Volt, Rated current: up to 1000A
  • Ambient temperature -40°C…+55°C
  • No additional enclosure required - installed directly in the control cabinet

Gas Detection Technology

Freimessen (clearing) refers to determining a potential hazardous substance concentration with the aim of determining whether the atmosphere allows switching on the control cabinet. The gas concentration in control cabinets must be below the lower explosive limit (LEL).
  • Use of stationary and handheld gas detectors possible
  • Enables quick deployment of the control cabinet - purging time is eliminated

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