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Ex e terminal boxes
Glasfibre reinforce polyester and stainless steel
Local control functions

You need Polyester Ex e terminal box fast?
Design and calculate your GRP terminal box
Or do you prefer stainles ssteel boxes?
Design & calculate your stainless steel terminal box
You are allowed to change terminals after shipment
You need some Ex signal/pilot lamps or switches?
We have our own range of local control functions

Ex e local control stations
Safe signaling with LED signal tower

Graphical Design interface for all devices(incl. iPad,iPhone)
You can specify Polyester (GRP)  local control stations up to 12   functions.
Design and calculate your Ex control station (GRP)
You can specify Stainless steel    local control stations up to 15   functions.
Design  and caclulate your Ex control station(SS)
You need best seen status signaling?
Use our new signal tower with LED technology
Our use our free Android App for a fast an easy design and
calculation for your  Ex e control box
(GRP and stainless steel)


Quintex team for you
Direct contact to all persons in charge

Get in direct contact to the person you need. Here you will find details.  
Or use on our  contact page direct e-mailing or our online chat
No hesitation in contacting the right person