• Stainless steel terminal box with shield bar

  • Stainless steel distrbution box with blue cable channel

  • Stainless steel terminal box without cable glands

  • Multi level clamp within stainless steel enclosure

  • Stainless steel termina box with cable channel

  • Stainless steel enclosure with stoppiung plug

  • Very small stainless steel distribution box

  • Stainless steel enclousre with plastic cable glands

  • Stainless steel cable glands at a distribution box

Anwendungsbilder der Edelstahl Verteiler

Here are some types of stainless steel terminal boxes which illustrates the variety of possible applications. All terminal boxes are manufactured by us and 100% individually tested.

f you want to know more about such applications, you are heartly invited to come to us or to contact us via our contact page

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