Line bushings



General information

Line bushings are used to electrically connect equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. The connection is always established either between a flameproof enclosure and an enclosure of another type of protection in accordance with DIN EN 60079-0. Alternatively, two flameproof enclosures are connected. Thus cables are protected from direct contact.Varying with the design, line bushings can be used in intrinsically safe, measuring, control or energy circuits
By the plugability you need a locking ring and a screw up protection
Standardized diameter are 10mm up to 40mm (up to 80mm on request); variation on this must be approved by a notified body in the case of Ex application. You should prefer plugable line bushings, if there is a preassembled connector or something else mounted at the strands. The strands will be connected to terminal in the increased safety enclosure(Ex e)
The table is an overview of the capabilty of the different sizes of line bushings for your orientation. If you need more wires within a special diameter, please contact us→, we will prove it at the line bushing itself.
Our line bushings got an 'X' approval und therefore these line bushing are useable everywhere(without additional approval work); also as replacement for existing line bushings.

Wire quantity

maximum amount of wires for ex line bushings