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  • IAL8Ex connection set for hazardous areas

    IAL8Ex connection set for hazardous areas

    The IAL8Ex… system is a very easy and fast to install connection kit for connecting power supply cable as well as heating cable, end termination, based on an approved screw connection and approved for all heating tapes in the market. Due to the very compact design, it is possible to mount the parts directly on the surface of the pipe/tank/enclosure underneath the insulation. There is no blow-heater or special skills required for assembling. Further on branches can easily realized with the T-branch. Technical data IAL8 Temperature range:  -60…180°C Sealing range power cable: 7,0 - 10,5mm Sealing range heating cable: thickness.4,7– 6,5;  width: 10-13mm Max. current: 20A AC Voltage: 12…400V AC Terminal cross section: 2,5mm² Protection : IP66 Length of connector/ end: 110mm / 70mm Diameter: 25mm  

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  • Quincon connection set (Non Ex)

    Quincon connection set (Non Ex)

     The Quincon system contains a termination set which is easy and fast to assemble, based on approved screw technology. The compact dimensions makes it possible, that this system can be installed even underneath the thermal insulation of the pipe. The IAL5 product range contains several components such as power supply, end termination, branches and connections. The installation is very easy to handle and requires no special tools such as hot air blower.Technical data IAL5 Quincon Max. temperature :                130°C Heating tapes type:              ILL, ILLw, ILL..S,ILM, ILMw, ILH, ILHS, ILSCross section terminals:     2,5 mm² Max. current:                         25ALength connector:               125 mmLength end seal:                 58 mm

  • Silicone non shrinking connection set

    Silicone non shrinking connection set

     The termination kits of the IAL4-series are silicon-made termination parts which contains power supply, end seal, a special cable gland and various accessories. These termination kits can be used to connect the heating circuit directly in an Exe approved junction box e.g. AG.. Ex or thermostat enclosure IRM..Ex. There is no separate supply cable needed. Because of the high temperature resistance up to 200 °C, heating cable types ILL.. are suitable as well as mid- & high temperature heating cable types ILM, IPMM, IPL, IPH, ILH, ILHS and ILS.Technical data IAL4SS/BS Max. ambient temperature:          200°CFor heating tapes type (SS):        ILL,IPMFor heating tapes type(BS):         ILLw,ILM,ILH,ILSLength connector (SS):                160mmLength connector (BS):                165mmLength end seal:                           50mm

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)